Beneath the Hidden Gyre


When Professor of Enchantment Eusebius Quille arrives at the scene of a gruesome murder he discovers the sins of the past have been resurrected.


The undead sorcerer Ilse January stalks the fogbound streets of Arduvulin City, hunting victims to power her death magic.

The crypto-naturalist pirate Captain James Malachy has returned from his watery grave, determined to shatter the delicate truce between humans and their reluctant neighbors, the magical and unpredictable Folk.

The fate of the Fogbound Realm hangs in the balance. The very future of the Aos Sí teeters on a knife’s edge. Not even the Director of Its Royal Highness’s relentless Department of Criminal Magic can be trusted. Not this time. Quille’s only hope lies closer to home. Closer to heart.

Detective Inspector Nadine Oortsgarten has no use for Quille’s unsubstantiated claims and absurdly fantastic theories. She already has her suspect. A disreputable enchanter with a shadowy past, known criminal associates, and an extremely short life expectancy.

Professor of Enchantment Eusebius Quille.

Quille had explained this fourteen times already. These inversion spells were invariably used to power a soul transfer. No one in the Department, not even Nadine, believed him.

One did not pay a sorcerer to transfer their soul into an enchanter’s body. Enchanters didn’t live long enough to make the process worthwhile. Even factors like Reynard, who deflected the brutal cost of their gift onto half-grown children. “You must search for someone young and healthy. With wealth. Or a position of authority. Likely both.” A mystery lover, both loving and loved in return.

—Beneath the Hidden Gyre, by Patrick O'Sullivan