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Beneath the Hidden Gyre

Beneath the Hidden Gyre



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Only he can stop them. And only she can save him.

Undead sorcerers stalk the fogbound streets, hunting victims to power their death magic. Crypto-naturalist pirates surface from their watery graves, determined to shatter the delicate truce between humans and their reluctant neighbors, the magical and unpredictable Folk.

And when Professor of Enchantment Eusebius Quille arrives at the scene of a gruesome murder he discovers only one man possesses the power to stop them. But to do so he must enlist the help of the only woman he has ever loved. And the last person in the world he wants involved.

Detective Inspector Nadine Oortsgarten has no use for unsubstantiated claims and absurdly fantastic theories. She already has her suspect. A disreputable enchanter with a shadowy past, known criminal associates, and an extremely short life expectancy. A man she has had her eye on for quite some time. Professor of Enchantment Eusebius Quille.

Beneath the Hidden Gyre is the first volume in the Fogbound Realm gas lamp fantasy series by Patrick O'Sullivan. If you like your fantasy more Edwardian than Victorian, your magic more alchemy than steam, and your supernatural neighbors more folkloric than shifty then you've come to the right neighborhood.

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