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A mysterious uncle from Ireland. A magic fiddle. And a dark secret from beyond the grave that will destroy a family — or save it.

According to Matty’s dad, busking is another name for begging. The day he catches Matty playing music in the street is the day Matty can pack his things and go.

That’s fine for Dad to say, but Matty needs answers, and his uncle’s magic fiddle only works miracles under the naked sky. Matty needs a miracle. The Keane family is seriously screwed up, and Matty means to find out why and fix it. Before it’s too late.


“You said the four rules. What about these four powers?” Matty expected J.J. to make a joke, but his uncle’s voice was harsh as a steam pipe.

“Call the dead. Bind the dead. Touch their dead hearts. Change their dead hearts.”

—Busking, by Patrick O'Sullivan

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