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Maddy Dune and the Martyr's Crown

Maddy Dune and the Martyr's Crown



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A map. A riddle. And her first job in the city. Maddy Dune possesses everything she needs to search for Tan, her soulmate and missing heir to the throne. Everything, until the dragon arrives and shreds her plans to tatters.

Taking control of the city’s police, Tan’s scaly southern cousin butts in, forcing Maddy’s adoptive family to scarper off to a rural town where ancient magic rules. And where an inexperienced but hard-working half-hellhound enchanter has zero chance of tracking down her misplaced prince.

Maddy’s new backwater home-in-exile has nothing. No magical wards, no magic amplifying fog, no friends in low places, no allies in high positions. And surprise, the townspeople hate her enchanter father and loathe her foreign-born mother. Things can’t get worse until they do. It’s almost as if someone planned to stop her from finding Tan. Plotted to make her and her family suffer. Schemed to poison all joy while destroying everything and everyone Maddy loves.

Which is absurd. Maddy isn’t important enough to have an enemy like that. Besides, no one is that clever. That powerful. That connected. Not even a dragon could arrange all that. It would take a cabal, and everyone knows dragons work alone.

Don’t they?

Maddy Dune and the Martyr’s Crown is the third volume in the Fogbound Realm gas lamp fantasy series by Patrick O'Sullivan. If you like your fantasy more Edwardian than Victorian, your magic more alchemy than steam, and your supernatural neighbors more folkloric than shifty you're in the right neighborhood.

The adventure continues. Explore the unexpected world of the Fogbound Realm and Maddy Dune and the Martyr’s Crown today!

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