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Quite Possibly False

Quite Possibly False



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Blood From a Stone

Getting a straight answer from the mysterious Hector Poole is like getting blood from a stone. But once the blood starts flowing there’s no stopping it, not without revealing further secrets best kept hidden.

Senior Captain Maris Solon knows better than to trust Poole twice. But trust him she must, when she’s lured to the planet Sampson by the Queen’s Merlin and forced to choose between darkness and light.

There is more at stake than anyone has imagined and Maris isn’t sure she wants to know.

Will the truth set her free or shackle her to a destiny only a martyr, or a madman, would embrace?

READER WARNING: If you’re the sort of reader that likes to discover the world along with the main characters then don’t read this story. But if you abhor a mystery then read on.

Fair warning, you will not be able to unlearn what Maris learns.

Book 2.5 in the Freeman Universe series. Available here for loyal readers like you.

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