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Quite Possibly Final

Quite Possibly Final



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Am I being Detained?

When pirates capture the vessel he’s traveling on Ciarán mac Diarmuid barges in to deal with the situation. Deal with it quickly. Either he arrives at Unity Station in time for his merchant examination or his career is over, and with it the careers of his captain and his crew.

Forced to travel alone and under an alias, Ciarán must use all of his talents to outsmart his captors, rescue a missing VIP, and stop a hidden plot that threatens, not just the lives and fortunes of his ship and crew, but all life in Freeman space. His only ally? An unemployed geologist, quite possibly a fugitive, and definitely more than she’s letting on.

The clock is ticking. Because there’s only one thing Merchant Guild Master Roche hates more than the man who killed her brother. And that’s a merchant apprentice who shows up late for his own lynching.

Quite Possibly Final? Definitely.

Quite Possibly Fatal? Maybe.

There’s only one way to know for certain.

Read the final chapter in the Quite Possibly Alien series today.

Note: The events of this story take place after book three of the Freeman Universe series. (There are spoilers.)

READER WARNING: This is the epilogue to the series. If you start here you will be starting at the end of the story.

Quite Possibly Final is book four in the Freeman Universe space opera adventure series by Patrick O'Sullivan. If you like unconventional characters, plots that twist and turn, and cat-friendly heroes that talk first and shoot only when necessary you've come to the right launch pad.

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