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Quite Possibly True

Quite Possibly True



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To save the living he must wake the dead.

Seanscéal means ‘old story.’ Like a parable, or a fable, but generally more long-winded. It’s like… entertainment, but often with something meant to be learned hidden inside. Not only is it good fun, but sharing a seanscéal is also a way of getting around the not-waking-the-dead custom.

And that's exactly what Ciarán does, three times, skirting custom to explain:

How he won a posting to the Freeman Merchant Academy.

How he and his cat, the mong hu Wisp, first met.

How he learned the Iron Rule and the enduring cost of that lesson.

It's no small thing, breaking with custom. But when the price of ignorance is measured in lives?

Someone has to speak up.

Book 1.5 in the Freeman Universe series. Available here for loyal readers like you.

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